The Center for Molecular Imaging fosters collaborative research, bringing together the advances being made in technology-driven research — such as bioengineering, chemical genomics and nanotechnology — with biomedical research groups studying cell and molecular biology and radiobiology, biologically targeted therapeutics, immuno-based mechanisms, and drug and biomarker discovery.

This vision is summarized in the diagram below. The aim is to develop and validate multi-modality molecular imaging tools that will facilitate the advancement of translational medicine and clinical science research in oncology and neuroscience as well as other clinical research areas.

Translational research

Cell biology/molecular radiobiology/molecular therapeutics/
molecular pathology/ immunology/ drug and biomarker discovery

Multi-modal molecular imaging

Synthetic Chemistry
Material Science
Biomedical Physics

Photonic Technology
Structural Biology
Cell/Gene Technology

  • Radiochemistry
  • Conjugation Chemistry
  • Probe Development
  • Biological Modelling
  • Imaging Technology
  • Nanotechnology Imaging


Oncological clinical science/neuroscience clinical science/
radiation oncology clinical science/
cardiology and pulminary medicine clinical science/radiology clinical science


Translational medicine

Collaborative departments

The center is engaged in partnerships with departments within VCU and external organizations, including the following:

VCU affiliations

External affiliations